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AJMPD & Nauset HRA Partnership: for our Director

Thank you for the support and aid

This page is dedicated to all the people who have been a part of making our collaborations between The Nauset Community and The Haitian Communities smooth and progressive. It is impossible to pinpoint all the many lives who have given support and donations, but through this site we hope we can begin to show how grateful we feel for your efforts.

Nauset Community leaders: 

Lisa Brown 

Diversity Educator, Director of Greater Matènwa LLC

Lisa has been teaching at Nauset since 1998, and developing curriculum for courses entitled "Exploring & Respecting Differences" (EARD I,II & Honors, World Cultures classes).The courses are based on historic and current human rights events, social justice and diversity issues and develops a social/emotional toolbox promoting responsibility, activism and thoughtful engagement with the important issues of our time. She has taken students to LaGonave, Haiti for 18 years as part of a cultural immersion & humanitarian effort, which has culminated in a deep and lasting partnership and friendship between a small mountain village and Nauset high school.


Her recognitions include semi-finalist for Massachusetts Teacher of The Year 2018, NAACP Cape & Islands Diversity Award, the United Nations Office Church Women United Human Rights Award and Barnstable County Human Rights Commission Cornerstone Award. She is currently serving on the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education's Teacher Advisory Cabinet on policy development for the state, where she is championing the development of state-wide in-school diversity & SEL curriculum. 

Wellfleet Community leaders; ArtMatènwa Partners:

Ellen Lebow

Bio coming soon...

Bio coming soon...

Arielle Berrek

Bio coming soon...

Woodmia & Hernitte Riviere

Bio coming soon...

Matènwa Youth Assoc. Leaders and Team:

Jeanbenson Exima

Bio coming soon...

Jeanwilkens Antoine (Kenny)

Kenny, as he is known by those he comes to meet, is an extremely talented musician. He is a co-founder of The Matènwa Youth Association for Development (AJMPD). Kenny is happily married and has three beautiful children. His daughter is an amazing singer, and together with Kenny's ability to play the guitar and her vocals they make beautiful music as father and daughter. In his efforts to preserve, promote and advocate for the rights of his own children, he strives to teach children about their rights and what they deserve. He uses AJMPD as a platform to teach his community of the important topics that AJMPD stands with and for.

Past, present & future student leaders

Karl Thompsen

Full Time Teacher, 

Framingham High School,

Board Member

Matt West

Future Educator, class of 2021 - 

Webster University, Board Member

Isabel Pellegrini

Human Rights Advocate & Activist,

Board Member 

Ethan Scholl

Photographer, graduate

of Nauset Public Schools

A majority of the photos from and lead to 2017 were taken by Ethan. Thank you for capturing the memories during those years.

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