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AJMPD & Nauset HRA Partnership: for our Director

Thank you for the support and aid

Nauset Human Rights Academy

The Academy exists to educate our Nauset community about

human rights issues in an effort to

promote a society based on empathy and social justice.

This outline arose after a three day visual leadership class. It represents the dire importance of working together to BRAINSTORM and bring our ideas together, PLAN to identify how we will achieve our goals, EXECUTE to make an amazing educational and awareness experience, REFLECT to determine the pro's and con's of what impacted us by doing the projects we completed.

Each and every piece is vital in working to promote advocacy, education, and social justice.

Our International Chapter of the Human Rights Academy had the opportunity and the privilege of attending an inspirational Global Student Leader Summit on Human Rights, History and, Democracy in The Hague  Netherlands in Europe.

We attended a conference where we heard from keynote speakers Nicholas Kristof  Sheryl Wudunn Arun Gandhi and Ndaba Mandela who reminded us about the importance of what it means to spread empathy and social justice.

Our focus at the conference was to work with 1500 students from all over the world to try and find strategies to give aid to the refugee crisis.  

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